We meet and asked different women what was the killer fragrances so far in 2021. We heard incredible things about these five fragrances from women who retail the scents as well.

So without further ado, we have:-


Profumo is one of our editor’s favorite men’s fragrances. It has a nice incense note. It adds a nice patchouli note. This combination makes us fragrance much longer-lasting and making it timeless, meaning you could rock this 1000 years from now because the scent/note of incense is 1000s of years old. 

The ladies’ reaction is that it’s a fantastic head turner and a good conversation starter. You are likely to get many compliments from this scent, and you will receive multiple compliments for this one. 


Nathalie Lorson made this one BENTLEY INTENSE, sexy perfume smells like a $300 fragrance, but only costs about $30 It’s a leather boozy fragrance like a James Bond type of a vibe. It’s super long-lasting and sexy.


John Varvatos art is on pure a masterpiece. I love this fragrance right here. Varvatos is sexy and a simple white floral fragrance for men with Luxurious like Iris hints of wood, very sexy perfume, very unique. Just gorgeous. Made by Rodrigo Flores-Roux who’s a famous Mexican Perfumer. He got this right and its love at first scent.


It’s a sexy fragrance this one is so good I think the original Dior Homme is even more of a masterpiece but that is less interesting. It’s reformulated but it’s game over with this smell. It’s kept a little bit of the unique original DNA. Olivier Polge I think made this one but François Demachy in-house performer of Dior made the original one.

Dolce Gabbana the one EAU DE PARFUM

Olivier Polge also gave us this masterpiece. You can go on the street and ask any woman on earth. This will get better reactions than most fragrances on the market. Top notes are Cardamom and Basil; middle notes are Nutmeg and Pear Wood; base notes are Amber, Sandalwood, Cedar, and Labdanum.


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