5 Men’s Shoe Styles Women Hate

Let’s talk about how important it is to constantly update and clean out your wardrobe, get rid of the old or the dingy, or the out-of-style items that might be, you know, still hanging out in your closet. You do that with your clothes, so you got to do it with your shoes as well. Your shoes are a piece of your overall look. 

If you have an out-of-style or shoes that have seen better days. You know, it’s going to ruin your overall look. Women’s eyes naturally, focus on your shoes as the first thing. Yeah. So let’s talk about the shoe styles that women hate. We got this feedback from women plus we did some research as well. So let’s not judge until we hear what they had to say and the results from our research. We start with

  1. Square toed dress shoes and dress boots.

    This design has been making a comeback more recently, and we have been seeing them everywhere square-toed dress boots like Chelsea boots, square-toe dress shoes. If you have any square-toed anything, or you’re thinking about hopping onto that bandwagon, it is a waste of money, they will never look good. It doesn’t matter how you style them. Back in the day, we all had square toe dressers and they were like the coolest thing ever. Because admittedly, this was the 90s This is when they were cool. 
  2. The next one is white loafers or loafers with contrasting stitching.

    There’s something about it that looks like you are trying to dress well, but it’s like you are trying a bit too much. There’s a tackiness that’s associated with the look of those kinds of loafers and those color schemes. And so that’s why we encourage you guys if you’re going to get a loafer make sure that the stitching is even with the dress shoes, and with any kind of shoe make sure the stitches are the same color as the overall shoe or close as possible. 
  3. Third style that women hate is flip-flops.

    Even if you get a pedicure every single week, women have declared they don’t want to see men’s feet. Most guys have hair on their toes, dry feet, etc. You may think your feet look cute, but for women, they’re never going to look cute. So unless you’re going to the beach or you know, going to a swimming pool, unless there’s a good reason for wearing them because they slip off and on very easily because you’re not going to be wearing them all day long. That’s when you should own them. 
  4. Number two on the list, we were a little surprised by this, but after seeing some pictures we came to agree. It’s those chunky basketball sneakers. But they’re not like fashion sneakers. Yeah, they’re like we would call them lifestyle sneakers. Think of those old older-looking basketball shoes, that non-athletic guys wear hoping to look cool. And they’re high tops. And they’re designed weird. Like there’s no design to fit. They’re just kind of funky-looking. And then most men who wear them wear shorts or khaki pants. We are talking about sneakers that really should just be reserved. For the gym, you should not be wearing them in your day-to-day life.
  5. The number one shoe style women hate is slides or the sandals that you slide your feet in. We have seen Wizkid and the likes of Kanye wearing slides and slides with socks. Even if you’re into the hype you should just don’t do that. It’s so sloppy and lazy. You should be taking pride in your appearance and what you wear and taking the lazy gross approach is not what you should be doing. 

That’s it. Those are the five shoe styles women disliked entirely by the blunt African women. 


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