Africa’s auto sector lead by the newly-created African Association of Automotive Manufacturers (AAAM) has been setting policies to encourage local manufacturing and to enable it to flourish. African entrepreneurs are making meaningful technological output using local designers and engineers, as they enter the auto industry. Africans have been consumers of foreign cars for a long time.

Africa’s untapped demand combines with a steady increase in consumer spending which rose at an annual rate of 10.7% over the 2000-2012 period. Moreover, analysts predict that by 2030, over half a billion Africans will have joined the middle class.

Here is a list of cars you might not believe were designed and made in Africa and it’s only a matter of time before big brands like Toyota start to compete with African car companies for market share.

Let’s get started with Birkin Cars, Ltd. The Birkin brand got a lot of people paying cash for it due to its classic and vintage look, the South African company has made a name for itself by creating a brand that stands out among the rest. The company’s only production vehicle is the S3 Roadster. The car can be purchased as either a turnkey car or as a DIY kit.

Wallyscar is manufactured in La Marsa, Tunisia. The company behind its production has a strong relationship with Poggio. While the car may look like a Jeep knockoff, but there is a lot of tinkering under the hood that makes this car a Jeep rival. Founded in 2006, the company is known for building affordable, reliable, and powerful 4X4s, despite the size of its vehicles, which are similar to Suzuki and Skoda. Two brothers Omar and Zeid Guiga set up the company with the idea of making the vehicles sporty, colorful, off-road, and more environmentally friendly, as well as trying its hands-on international off-road motorsport.
Probably one of the key selling points of this vehicle is it comes in a variety of colors, even purple.

South Africa is quickly becoming a hotbed for sports car development, with two new performance machines being announced in the country.
Zagato Perana Z Sports car is a South African supercar styled by the famous Italian designer Xyloto, the Parana name is well known among supercar fans in South Africa. The 6.2L V8 engine generates 440hp (328kW) and 430lb-ft of torque (583Nm) of torque, and redlines at 6,600rpm. Only a few of these supercars are made and you got to have a lot of cash to get one of these.

The SNV is an Algerian company that has produced trucks and buses since 1967, making the company the oldest in the game.

The company is state-owned and has the biggest market share among African car companies and vehicles are located in DRC, Iraq, Gabon, Mali, Senegal, Tunisia. Just to mention a few.

Uri is a South African car company that makes purpose build vehicles. The company so far makes only two models Uri desert runner and Uri mining vehicle. The Uri desert runner is simple, reliable and a vehicle that could be modified to be used for any purpose.

IVM is an automobile company that manufactures pickup trucks, buses, SUVs, and saloon cars in Nigeria, secondhand cars, also known as the Kumbo, are very popular because of price and affordability. So I’ve started to produce vehicles that are not only affordable but extremely durable IVM.

That’s about 70 percent of the heavy lifting, while 20 percent are parts imported from Japan, China, and Germany number four Kyra.

Kiira Motos is proudly a Ugandan company that produces one of the finest-looking vehicles coming out of Africa. Kiira Motos is state-owned and has records of manufacturing Africa’s first electric vehicle in 2011, Africa’s first hybrid vehicle in 2014, and Africa’s first solar electric bus in 2016.

Mobius. If you’re going to build a car for Africa, it better be able to handle beating from harsh environmental conditions. The company’s slogan is Design in Africa, built for Africa as models are Kenyan automobile startups. Founded in 2010, the company focused on Off-Road vehicles that could still move even if they were carrying an elephant.

Laraki isn’t just any type of car but one of the world’s fastest cars, the brand was founded by Abdeslam Laraki, a Moroccan designer and entrepreneur who first became very rich by importing cars in Morocco. They are famous models are Fulgura, Borac, Epitome.

The Epitome made the headlines with a price tag of 2 million US dollars very close to that base price of a Bugatti. Hip hop artist French Montana owns one of these.

Last but not least we have Katunga. They are specialized in making crazy cars. They make very creative prototypes, that nobody is ever going to pay for. However, the company is still among the top three African car brands today for its beautiful design, innovation, and quality.



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