After countless hours scouring the internet, talking to some of our female friends, and reading more than our fair share of articles from female experts on this very topic, we’ve narrowed down this list of the top eight things men wear that women find sexy.

Now, obviously, some women may feel differently about some of these items. But the overwhelming majority of women found these items to be very sexy on a man and that’s why they made this list.


Okay, first up is glasses. women find glasses sexy on a man it’s a maturity thing and a perceived sense of intelligence, and a little bit of mystery, right? Think of it like Clark Kent. He’s a regular guy, but he’s also Superman. The cool thing with glasses is there are like a million different styles and shapes and colors that you can swap out every day for different looks. And a lot of younger guys in their 20s and 30s are wearing glasses without prescription lenses as simply an accessory like a watch or bracelet or a necklace.

Chelsea boots

Next on the list. And this one’s kind of specific. It’s Chelsea boots with jeans. A ton of women think Chelsea boots with jeans are kind of a telltale sign that a guy just knows what he’s doing right. I missed out on the Chelsea boot bandwagon for a long time. But I am now fully on board.

There’s just something about the sleekness of a Chelsea boot that women find very sexy. You can go with leather for I guess a more dressed up and refined look or suede for a more classy casual look.


The next item on the list is men’s accessories but more specifically your belt. I’d say most guys own one or maybe two belts max right the dark brown one that they wear all the time and the black one they were when they kind of want to dress things up a little bit.

But I’m here to tell you man there are a lot of other options outside of just black and brown. What about solid gray or what about solid blue or what about blue and red or blue and white I can see this with jeans and white sneakers or what about different shades of brown.


So moving right along, women think sports jackets are sexy, but not just any sport jacket, light color sports jacket. So I read this a few different times.
And I was kind of surprised because personally, I would have thought dark color sports jackets, but the lighter colors tend to be a little more unexpected. and when a guy wears a light color sports jacket, women automatically assume that he’s a little bit different.

And he knows something that other men don’t know. Definitely go for light blue like mine, light gray, or tan.


Next on the list of what you wear that women find sexy is the overall fit of your clothing. Specifically your jeans and your shirts, women find well-fitting current style jeans, very sexy on a man. And this means no saggy butt and no denim puddled down at your shoes. Women also like shirts that don’t have a big muffin top around your waist or a bunch of excess material into the arms.

But let’s be clear, though, right? This does not mean that your clothes have to be tight. All this means is that you pay attention to how your clothes fit your body and that you buy and tailor your clothing accordingly.

Facial hair

Okay, next up is facial hair. Just about every article we read mentioned something about facial hair, but more specifically short growth facial hair, right so no big beards. Sorry, guys. We know that big beards are very popular. But most women think the five to seven-day growth is sexiest.

You got to keep a groom though right and shave your neck. Just because David Beckham goes out in public with a Neck Beard. That doesn’t mean it’s okay.


This next one kind of surprised me a little bit but it’s a hat. Not baseball hats though. We’re talking cool modern fedoras and derbies. women seem to find that sexy. It shows confidence, intelligence, and that there’s a little something different with that guy because not everyone feels comfortable wearing hats.

But the guys that do have an advantage because women will instantly notice that guy, and they’ll find him more interesting, more intelligent, and sexier.


Next, we have underwear that women find sexy. And the most common answer that women give when it comes to sexy underwear on a man is trunks and short boxer briefs.

If you’re still running around with Fruit of the Loom tidy whitey briefs, you are missing out on a whole new world my friend of comfort support with technical fabrics, ball pouches, and banana hammocks.

It’s insane. Everybody is making underwear right now and the popular selling point seems to be having a separate compartment for your Franken beans. Now that’s not necessarily my thing. But I’ve been wearing trunks for years and they are by far my favorite style. And apparently women’s as well.

From our women readers, what else would you like to see your man or men out here trying out? Leave your views in the comment section below.


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