Tattoo artists need to use all sanitized materials, brand new stuff, and it’s just as important for you to take care of your tattoo afterward as well.

So let’s go over simple do’s and don’ts. Every artist has their formula for how they do things. So number one thing is to keep your tattoo moisturized.
Use any moisturizer with Aqua for about the first four to five days after getting a tattoo.

And then after those 45 days use regular white, unscented lotion, so petroleum jelly is perfect, pretty much any unscented white lotion, also clean your tattoo regularly.

What I mean by that is antibacterial soap and water is the perfect combination to use. You never know when bacteria is just sitting on your tattoo.

You know you don’t know your surroundings that well and every time you get a chance to clean your tattoo, the better you are at getting an infection.

Most tattoo artists may wrap your tattoo after it’s been done. But only keep that on for about 45 to 60 minutes after getting your tattoo that wrap is pretty much just to keep the blood and plasma down for the first hour after getting it.

After that. You want to let your tattoo breathe as much as possible. So don’t ever rewrap it.

Avoid wearing tight clothing. let it loose just let it breathe.
As for the don’ts do not go swimming. For the next two to three weeks after getting your tattoo. We have seen a tremendous amount of horror stories.

Anything can ruin your tattoo and risk infection. So please just stay out of the pool for two or three weeks. After that, you’re good to go.

No direct tanning or too much direct sunlight. You don’t want that sun beaming down on your tattoo. If you’re putting too much moisturizer, mainly the jelly, and your tattoos looking all wet and it’s oozing a bit, that means you’re using too much of it.

So just lay off of it a little bit.

Do not pick at your scabs, if you do your tattoos gonna look nasty. It’s gonna scab up peel and flake. It’s what it’s supposed to do.
Now if you think your tattoo is infected, show a picture to your tattoo artists and also get medical attention. Take every precaution necessary to prevent that from happening.
So to recap, pretty much take care of your tattoo as best as possible. Clean it as often as you can.

Don’t pick at the scabs, don’t scratch them. Don’t go swimming. You want to let your tattoo heal, and after about two or three weeks, that’ll just be part of your skin.


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