It can be a little overwhelming to buy a bike especially when you have never owned one. So let’s figure out what are the types and what do they actually do.

Road bike

As you can see right over here, this thing, a road bike, think of it as a Porsche. Alright, think of it as a sports car. It is meant to go fast, they are super light, they have dropped bars on them. It may look like a fairly uncomfortable position, but believe it or not, over long distances, they are quite comfortable.

Mountain bike

Now a mountain bike, as you know, as you can clearly see has these big thick tires on them. A lot of treads, this is meant to go into the woods onto the mud.

Think of this as a 4×4 car. We’re going to take those things, not on a highway, you’re going to be taking them off-roading.
It has suspension on the front and back, disc brakes, not just in the front, but also in the rear.

If you took a road bike and a mountain bike, and let’s say they had three children, there would be three hybrids.

And that’s what, what the next bikes are going to look like. Let me show you child number one.

Fitness Hybrid

This is called a fitness hybrid. This child looks like the road bike parent. Except for flat bar handlebars relatively light frame, not a bit of an upright riding position.

It’s meant to go 10, 20 Kmh and be fairly comfortable.

Sport hybrid

Also known as a dual-sport.

Now, this bicycle looks more like a mountain bike parent. Most of them have front suspension. It’s got a slightly thicker tire, a wider tire than the fitness hybrid and it has some tread on it.

This can go on the pavement, as well as some light trail riding.

Comfort hybrid

The third and the final child looks like neither parent. This is called the comfort hybrid. Their comfort hybrid. Nice big saddle. Very upright riding position.

As you can see, with the handlebars being higher than the saddle, a lot of them have suspension in the front. On this particular model, there’s a step-through, so it’s fairly easy to get on and off. Comfort hybrid. That’s it. I hope that wasn’t too confusing.


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