A Tenderloin steak, this sort of tube of which is very tender is generally fatless and considered to be the most boring and uninteresting piece of meat on the animal.

It is a joke, it is looked down on by chefs, and they avoid or even never order it, there’s so little of it on each animal. It’s a pricey piece of meat. And of course, it’s tender.

But most chefs, most professionals, and most people who deal with meat on a daily basis find this to be in fact, the most boring and interesting piece of meat on the animal.

Most, you know, high-end steak houses, they’re going to either serve Sirloin, which is off the loin.

If you reach your lower back below the rib cage, it’s that hunk of muscle that runs along there, where the ribs section, the prime rib, which you’d get your rib steaks off.

You know, an Entrecote or a Rib steak or a Coat De Boeuf which come from the ribs would be optimal a perfect mix of fat and lean, followed by the Sirloin.

And then we started to get into some tougher chewier cuts of meat that are interesting for their flavor, but you do give up some tenderness and that’s, you know, that’s more your intermediate to advance the section of meat appreciation like Round steak and Flank Steak.


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