We started our band as civilians, and we used to play at Bamboo nightclub, somewhere in River Road. And then during that time, they were the time Boogie was the in thing, and teenagers used to flock in places of entertainment. 

So a Colonel by the name of Colonel Mushemi, then a captain came and said that we were playing good music, and he requested us to join the army.

Well, we were moved by, by that. And since we are were still young, it was an opportunity that presented itself at the right time. 

After joining the army we moved from Nairobi and went to Gilgil, where they had just established as a new unit. 

There was the commanding officer of the seven care. His name was Wambua, Colonel wambua, who was instrumental to you know, enlisting us and really for the mission of the band. 

It is his brainchild that the band came to be and the group took the name, maroon, which is a color of the battalion, and commandos. Like we all know the commandos are people who can, can do tasks that you know, naturally not very easy. So we took it upon ourselves to practice good music we had because the army provided instruments, the army provided livelihood in that there was the pay, there was food and all that, and the time for practice. Now it was just upon ourselves and because we were very young, to catch up with the mood of what was required of us because all these things have been sort of given to us or availed. 

Now, we had rivals or the people we looked upon to, like Tabuley, like Franco, and in Kenya, who they are there are also renowned musicians, but particularly on the ethnic line like Kamaru, Shirati band, who were very good. 

Now, we sort of entered the music thing differently, because we could play a cover version of English music or blues, soul, rock, and all the Latina specials, and we also could play the music. 

So we took it upon ourselves now to better ourselves by playing complicated, difficult music, which we’ve played up to standard, and people now, our fans recognized that we could play that music up to the required standard. 

But we knew we had not reached the mark, because we knew, ultimately, we had to play something original, and get it into the same standard so that the fans would now identify the group with the music. 

And in the process, identify ourselves, as a Kenyan group or East African group. That was done. But then it wasn’t a quick succession. It was a difficult journey, we had to sort of a crack and crack until finally, we made it my role in the band. 

After we did a, we recorded the “CHARONI NI WASI” which was a National wide hit and “Uvivu ni Mbaya” people now understood that we have we had come of age, that we could now play the music that was up to the standard, just like any other known top groups in eastern Central Africa. 


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