JBL is best known for its fantastic portable speaker line. But how do you go about choosing one from such a diverse lineup?

We will break down the top three JBL speakers on the market this year based on performance and situations they’ll be used in.

JBL clip

We’ll start with the JBL clip for our choice for the best Compact Portable JBL speaker the $70 JBL clip four takes its name from the integrated carabiner clip that’s part of its overall design and as JBL is the most compact portable speaker the clip for has an IP 67 waterproof build in the back has a set of rubber ribs.

Meaning if you lay the speaker on a smooth surface, it won’t move around and comes in handy when the speaker starts to vibrate when played at high volume.

The rounded front and back panels are covered in mesh fabric that protects a single 40-millimeter five-watt driver well the front panel has buttons for playback and volume.

There’s a dedicated power button on the left side panel as well as a Bluetooth pairing button and a USB C port is located at the bottom speaker this size isn’t going to deliver room-shaking bass and it doesn’t have a ton of extra features.

But the clipboard gets the important stuff right. Delivering crisp rich audio from a waterproof enclosure making it a solid portable option. The clip puts out more volume and better sound than you’d expect.

The bass is adequate and the speaker can sound decent with less demanding tracks and works well for supplying richer sound for movie playback.

It comes with Bluetooth 5.1 and the battery will give you roughly 10 hours of playtime. If you’re looking for portability with crisp, rich audio, the JBL clip four will be a good choice for you. Its waterproof, built, and built-in carabiner clip make it a Bluetooth speaker that you can easily take anywhere.

JBL Charger 3

Next, we’ll take a look at the JBL charger 3 to our choice for the best JBL speaker the BL charger 3 two retails for around $500 and is the best JBL speaker in the charger line.

It has a bold design that comes out with non-stop bass, and a battery that won’t give up. The secret to the JBL charger 3 powerful sound is its dual four-inch 40-watt drivers that work with large passive radiators at either end of the speaker that brings the thumping bass that will make your next beach party or cookout complete.

The JBL charger 3  is a bit bigger than many portable speakers with the large grip handle makes it easy to grab and go wherever you need it. It’s also IPX7 rated so getting a bit wet is okay, for connectivity. The JBL charger 3 uses Bluetooth 5.1 to connect to your phone or tablet will also run off a wired connection using the 3.5-millimeter ox input.

Whichever way you hook it up, the speaker delivers an intense low-frequency response, even when playing at high volumes. There’s no distortion and the DSP regulates the output attending the low end out when necessary.

Controls are placed along the front of the speaker including a button for party boost, that lets you link up to other JBL speakers. Battery life is exceptional, giving you around 24 hours on a full charge and the battery also acts as a power bank to keep your phone and other devices topped up.

If you’d like to have booming music as part of your day at the beach tailgates or cookouts the JBL JBL charger 3 speakers have the sound quality and power you want and are waterproof, making them perfect for outdoor use.

JBL flip five

Last we’ll take a look at the JBL-flip five, our choice for “Best Overall JBL” speaker retailing for around $100. The flip five is JBL is the best overall speaker it gives you a balance between sound quality, portability, and price.

The speaker features a cylindrical design, with mesh wraparound grill controls, which are arranged across the grill in a row.

There’s also a lanyard loop making it easy to hang on just about anything that can support its weight. Below the grill is a single 20 watt 44 by 80-millimeter driver delivering a frequency range of 65 hertz to 20,000 hertz. The sound is enhanced by passive bass radiators at each end of the speaker, to push out quite a bit of low end.

The bass is deep and punchy with a mid-range and highs cutting through the mix to make vocals and instrumentation stand out.

The flip five is also IP7 waterproof, making it perfect for any activity that involves water. It can handle rain splashes and even complete dunking If you happen to knock the speaker into the pool. Battery life is quite good giving you around 12 hours of playtime and requires two and a half hours to charge it back up.

If you’re looking for JBL is the best overall speaker the flip five is it represents an excellent balance between price features and sound making it perfect for most people from lounging with friends on the patio out on a hike or poolside the flip five will have you covered.

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