Four is the lucky number, right? Well, today I’ve got four Bourbons you absolutely must own right now.

And all of these are relatively available. Some of them are market-dependent because they’re smaller distilleries still growing. But most of them if they’re in your market can be found on any shelf in your city.

I’m going through big heritage distillers Kentucky-born and bred stalwarts and also throwing in some newer craft and growing brands that if you don’t know you absolutely should.

Wild Turkey

First is the bourbon that I recommend to almost absolutely everyone it is a deal you cannot pass up it is the most affordable bourbon on this entire list.

Wild Turkey and I know before some of might be new to whiskey, Wild Turkey might send shivers down your spine as you remember that “morning after” that just left you wrecked but trust me, while it is inexpensive, that does not mean by any means it is bottom shelf.

Sit with it and for a second after you taste it, you’ll find so many enjoyable flavors.

Next is a bottle that I am terrified is going to start becoming the next wave of popularity.

Maker’S Mark Whisky

It’s one of them, I’m not going to call it the best-kept secret. But it is of great value and I’m surprised it’s on shelves as much as it is and I hope it stays and that’s Maker’s Mark Whisky.

It’s another heritage distillery that has been doing this making wheated bourbon… everybody loves their Weller brands, but I’m telling you similar mash bill style of whiskey, they go into the low entry proof which means that get cast strength, which makes it a nice bold, strong but not crazy strong pour and for such a good value.

Next, we’re going to take a trip back to Wild Turkey, but we’re going to switch to Russell’s reserve line.

And while Russell’s reserved single barrels are some of the best I’ve ever had, Stalwart is Russell’s reserved 10-year bourbon, which is another best-kept secret in whiskey. Do not tell your friends about this whiskey they might mess up the price due to demand.

But here’s this, nobody’s talking about it. Wild Turkey. 90 proof 10 years stated all the time on your shelf. Why are you still in front of the computer, go get it!

Bulleit Bourbon Whisky

Next is a personal favorite of mine.

Another one that I’m just flabbergasted is always available like it is and that is Bulleit Bourbon Whisky which to me is almost like the perfect proof point.

I used to love everything cast strength but call me old but sometimes it’s just a bit much and so It’s bold, but it’s not going to knock me out of my chair. Bulleit Bourbon Whisky has been doing some amazing things that brown Forman engineering that have their cooperage they control the barrels process even they do a lot of things well and that brand has been on fire lately.

It’s the more expensive one on this list, but you are guaranteed a great higher-proof bourbon quality content every single time you take a sip. It is something I will have on my shelf always.

Bardstown bourbon

Now getting into some smaller brands brand I’ve been very, very impressed with everything they’re doing is Bardstown bourbon company.

And now while I’ve covered ad nauseum, their discovery series as well as their collaboration series, where they do finishes with various types of spirits and other companies, which have been very impressive.

Those are in the premium tier. And if you can get them great, but they’re not for this list. What is though is their flagship product currently, and that’s the Bardstown bourbon company fusion series.

This introduces a good chunk of their liquid, which is anywhere from three to four years old and blends it with some well-aged stocks and 12,13-year stock, but most of it in the bottle is Bardstown bourbon company whiskey. It’s awesome to see the blending.

I know most people don’t think blended whiskey is a good thing.

I love the blends of different types of whiskey, rye, bourbon, wheated bourbon, and then a well-aged source of Kentucky bourbon, and the blending they do is so well and, each iteration is so subtly different but noticeable.

They’re not everywhere yet, but they’re expanding very, very quickly keep an eye out for when they’re coming to your area. It is a very fascinating blend it’s something I recommend always checking out.

So do yourself a favor, stock up, and have some of the best available Bourbons right now.


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